1. Select banner size (Prices show with size).
  2. Select file and type in message box for notice and push send it button (Please type email in email box).
  3. Go back to full color banner page and if you have special instructions, please type them in the instruction box.
  4. Click order now and you can change banner quantity and process your order.

    Also, if you need "double sided banner".
    You can type on special instruction box "this banner is double side".
    And please make change double quantity for each double side banner.
    (EXP. 2 double side banners put 4 quantities).
    Also, if you need to order more banners, click "Keep Shopping" in shopping cart.
Banner Size
                            ~ Print Ready Files ~
  • Vector image Adobe Illustrator, EPS, PDF files
  • High Resolution JPEG, PSD, TIFF, PNG files
  • Click upload link that will open new window by Hightail Link.
  • Please use same email for upload link and order email.
  • Click computer and select file, add file click computer again and select.
  • Also, you can delete file in link click X and click computer again.
  • Type name, email address, file name and message in the box.
  • Upload link for just file transfer only, after upload please complete order.
File Decription, e.g. (File Name, Date, etc.):
Special Instruction1:
Special Instruction2:
Special Instruction3:
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And change quantity for what you need.
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